By using Digital Capture service for extracting customs data, you can achieve high efficiency and cost savings. Our experience from the customers who use the solution today shows that we can make up to 100% extraction of data on documents that come in good quality.


All you need to do is send your document (invoice) to a dedicated email address or sftp site. All text and information on the document are read by the software and then all necessary data like Line Items, header data and other important information is extracted. It can also be used for static data such as sender, recipient etc. Then we make sure that data validates and are checked according to your requirements. Where there is manual check / change required, you will as a customer get access to your document through a web-interface.

Then you get all data customized and delivered to your customs clearance system. We ensure the highest level of automation to save you and your business for the most amount of time. Using Digital Capture also reduces the chance of error as we make active checks of formats, summaries and validations. We can integrate with all custom clearance software, and today we have customers using: Butterfly (KGH), Emma Systems, Systema Sysped, Timpex, Proteria and Zodiac. But as long as your software have EDI import functionality, we can integrate and deliver data to it. By using our extraction service, you can get a complete set of declaration data automatically. Contact us for more information.


Extract certificate data automatically.

Digital Capture offers a service/solution where you can upload or email your certificate documents (PDF’S). In return Digital Capture will help you with the following:

  • Classify the type of certificate (Vendor).

Extract data like:

  • Chemicals and/or mechanical information.
  • Order no, project no, delivery information etc.

Extract data from many different tables simultaneously. Data compliance.

  • Match different document types (classifications) and combine them.
  • And other features.


Digitalize and extract data from loading, unloading lists etc.

Digitalize and extract data from loading, unloading lists etc. Digital Capture offer a service for automatic extraction of data from orders, loading and unloading lists, manifest etc. Combine this with MyMoTerminal from our partner MyMo AB, and this service is compatible with MyMo Terminal.

MyMo AB helps transport terminals to digitize and automate the process of loading and unloading trucks, and help terminals save time/cost. Contact us to learn more about this.


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Banking and Insurance: Scan and capture data from any bank or insurance document. Integrate with your ERP.
Forms and large volume verification.
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